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Web Site Hosting for Cash

Web Site Hosting for Cash

Nov 1, 2012

I was listening to one of the internet marketing gurus the other day and he said, “Web site hosting is the most reliable long term residual income on internet marketing”. This statement did not strike a chord with me initially. But a few days down the line, it came across my mind again and I decided to do a physical check on my income over the years.

What is Web site Hosting?

There are three main aspects to building a website; Website Design, Domain Name and Web site Hosting. The web designer designs the website first on his computer using whatever software of his choice and the files can only be viewed by him alone. This is because the files of the website are currently contained in a folder sitting on his desktop where he is the only one who has access to them.

For the website to become visible to others via the internet, he has to incorporate the other two items necessary to complete the project. He needs to get a Domain Name for the website and then host it on a server somewhere.

The web site hosting aspect is the subject of discussion today and we want to see how we can make reasonable long term residual income doing this without any technical skills required.

Web site hosting is simply the space acquires online to keep the files of your website so that when you point your domain to it, your site becomes accessible to the whole world via the internet. It can be likened to your brick and mortar office space you rent in order to carry out your business activities.

How to Make Money Hosting Others

You may seem to wonder why I am talking about web site hosting when I know you know nothing about programming and neither do you know anybody who might be interested in purchasing web site hosting service to start talking about providing one.

The fact remains that web site hosting is hot all the time. I never knew this myself until I got into the market. Just look around you and you will realize that every business these days needs a website to promote their offers. They all need someone to help them put their business where prospective customers can find it. They are also willing to pay for the service so, you see, that is where you come in.

Funny enough, providing web site hosting service comes with you doing nothing…I mean “NOTHING”. All you have to do is get people interested in your service, get them to pay and pass the information by mail or text message to us. We set up web site hosting for your client, send the log in details to you by mail and you keep all the cash.

It makes a lot of sense to have your own web hosting website setup, promote it, and make money selling website hosting to the prospects that contact you from your website.

Note also that these people you host will renew their subscription to your service every year which means the income from web site hosting, is residual in nature. Get the client once and get paid year after year.

How Rich are Web Hosts?

Becoming a web host is the easiest business I have ever seen. You only have to visit web hosting site, subscribe to our “Reseller Package” and you are done. Our reseller package costs $20 per month. That is $240 per year and you can pay quarterly. Your account will be setup usually within minutes and the details sent into your mail box.

Single web site hosting accounts costs $60 a year average in the open market so; it only takes 4 clients to break even in this business.

If you know of any business with higher returns on investment, let me know. The last time I checked on my various streams of income, I realized that the web site hosting aspect has contributed in no small measure to my success.

After my first two years of providing website hosting service, I have hosted hundreds of websites. If you do fifty every year, how much would you have earned in two years? Do your mathematics. The longer you stay in any business, the more people will get to know you which mean that hosting a hundred new websites in a year is not difficult to achieve.

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