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Top Internet Marketing Strategies for 2013 – Anonymous Visitor Marketing

Top Internet Marketing Strategies for 2013 – Anonymous Visitor Marketing

Dec 13, 2012

The top internet marketing strategies (Anonymous visitor marketing or anonymous user marketing) refers to a situation where website contents are changed to suit the visitor taste for greater relevance. The website is programmed to react to the approaching visitor by the use of metadata or supplemental data which behaves similarly to human sensory nerves to detect the type of visitor arriving.

Information such as: referring URL, screen resolution, search phrase or keyword, operating system, internet connection speed, domain extension like: .com, .gov, .edu etc., geographic location, IP address and browser language such as English, Spanish, French, etc. are consisted in the metadata or supplemental data.

Geographical location shows the point on the surface of the earth the visitor is coming from. The server utilizes this information to search and serve information meant for people from that location. Local news, weather, and time are information of a particular location that can be displayed accurately.

The internet protocol address or IP address is one of the tools for internet marketing strategies that shows idea of the particular internet service provider the visitor is subscribed to. The web page shows the internet connection speed if it belongs to a service provider or the company logo if the connection belongs to a company.

One web page can be coded in different languages. The browser language is analyzed and the visitor is then presented with a web page that is easy for him to understand as it is written in his mother tongue thereby making him more comfortable.

Domain extensions depend on the company or industry as the case may be. A .edu extension indicates that the website belongs to the education sector while a .gov extension indicates a government owned website. The web page content can be changed to reflect the institution the the approaching person is related to.

The size of the download can also be managed depending on the internet connection speed in case of any multimedia downloads. Free multimedia downloads is one of the very effective internet marketing strategies you need to consider in 2013. Different resolution versions of a particular download is made available so that in the case of a low internet connection, the lowest resolution multimedia download can still be downloaded to the visitor’s preferred download folder. The normal working of the computer will not be disturbed.

The functionality of different operating systems varies so also is their requirements. The downloadable software and updates provided by some websites cannot be downloaded from all kinds of operating systems. The computer can determine this without disturbing the visitor’s browsing.

One of the top internet marketing strategies to utilize in order to make the content more relevant to the user is, search keyword or phrase, which should be used for search engine optimization or SEO techniques on the website. The visitor can get the feeling that his query is satisfactorily handled when data is linked to specific keyword which is retrieved automatically.

Data is compared with that of the previous page and represented on the current page by the sponsor with the help of referring URL. Competition among websites is increased here as the present website seeks to be better than the former website.

In the case of a visitor browsing the internet from a mobile device, as is commonly done in 2012 and is expected to increase in 2013, needless to say then that various internet marketing strategies should be adopted to trim the content of the website so as to fit the screen resolution of the device.† This is to make the website content readable on the mobile device because the content will overlap on the mobile device if displayed as it is on a normal monitor.

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Dec 1, 2012

A leatherback turtle was found on the sandy beach of Glefe, Accra, Ghana at about 7:30pm yesterday (Friday 30 September) by residents of the area. The giant turtle was seen nesting quietly on the beach.

Before she realized what was going on, a large crowd had gathered as people kept running back and forth to call on their family and friends. Mobile phones were not left out in spreading the news resulting to a near chaos situation and the darkness of night also made it almost impossible to get a good snap shot of the beast.

I however was able to get a shot with a coastal guard posing on the turtle while she was still busy laying eggs. In my estimation, the turtle should be over 250 kilos in weight and over 6 feet in length.

On getting to the scene after been alerted by a neighbor of the happening, I spoke with the coastal guard and a few of the native fishermen around. They all have different spiritual connotations to the creature. Some believe that she was a water goddess that helps in the sea whenever their fishing boats get into trouble on the sea. Some said, since they have never seen it before, and they have never heard of any history with their ancestors, they rather not have anything to do with her and she must be returned to sea as soon as she finished nesting.

duncan abel_green_turtleAs the interview was going on, we heard the crowd shouting and rushing towards the sea. I moved in that direction to catch glimpse of whatever is happening, behold, another leatherback turtle making its way to shore.

The fishermen didnít waste time in deciding on what to do with him. They immediately swam to meet him and turned him back to sea. Pushing and forcing the beast to change direction back to sea. Of course, he bowed to pressure and left honorably. It was agreed by all that that is the husband looking for his darling. Since it could be a bad omen for him to be welcomed, the natives would rather have him leave at once.

On getting back to the beach, they hardly waited for the female to finish covering the hole in which she laid her eggs when they started dragging her back to sea. As the turtle touched sea water, she headed back for land but met the resistance of the fishermen, so, she finally made up her mind to leave but she swam along the coast line not going deep like the male.

This reaction of the giant leatherback turtle got me thinking. Its either she is too tired to return to sea immediately after labor so, she moved along the coast so that she could go back to land as soon as she can sense some quiet environment or she didnít complete the nesting due to human interference so she covered the pit quickly to go and find another spot for nesting.

Whatever the case, I hope she will find her mate so that sea life can have a meaning once again.

Duncan Abel

Extension Factory Builder
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