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A Business Idea That Works From Home Is Freelance Copy Writing

A Business Idea That Works From Home Is Freelance Copy Writing

Feb 5, 2013

If you are thinking of owning your own business and you are gifted in the area of technical or creative writing, it might be a very good idea to become a professional or a freelance copywriter for the fact that you can work in your own time and schedule. This business idea works from home perfectly.

It is very important to position yourself mentally and physically before starting a copy writing business. Remember you desire a business that works from home so, dedicate a small area of your hall to your copy writing business with a table and chair. Open a new email account solely for this purpose, have a computer with fast internet connection, a dedicated phone connection, a printer and a scanner.

It is always better to set a flat rate for your services because clients normally prefer this to the hourly or weekly rates. Make a list of your proposed services and plan the price each project type will attract e.g. brochures, web content, press releases, case study and business plan. To do this most effectively, check what other copywriters in your area are charging for the listed services. You can also research what obtains globally and pick an average. Note also that your skill, experience and general background has a role to play in your pricing.

As you now run a business that works from home, you need to market your business in some way so, set up a powerful channel through which prospective clients can find you. Business cards and a website can be very useful in this regard. Your website helps you put your profile displaying your skill, experience and previous projects right in the face of your industry prospects. The search engines can help list your business appropriately in the industry.

Never go out or attend a meeting without your business card. As you have just started a new copy writing business, you need to share the information with your friends, family, previous employers, colleagues etc. Ask them to link you up in case they know people who might need your copy writing service.

Research the internet to find companies or agencies that might need your service. The internet provides free data bases of business contacts. You can then start with those companies in your circle of interest. Your research will reveal companiesí lines of business and this should be a pointer for you. Look for the person responsible for advertisement or communications in these companies and make quick contacts.

After creating your own data base from your research result, start communicating the person in charge either by email, hard copy letters or phone call, whichever way you do it, it must be comfortable for you and for your prospects since you are in a line of business that works from home. Make your communication as professional as possible. No hard sell just introduces yourself and your copy writing business and find out how you can be of help to their business.

Remember to find out if it will be okay to follow up on those companies who do not need your copy writing service at the moment as they may need you at some later date. Make a note of such development in your planner so that you do not forget.

Join relevant business support groups in your area such as local business associations and chamber of commerce etc. You may even start a community network of your own.

I would expect you start this business when you still have a job or savings that can sustain your personal expenses for at least a year as the business needs time to grow because the level of trust needed to make the business fly will not be there at the beginning, things will be slow at this time and do not forget competition too. It normally takes some time for things to really shape up so, make provision for yourself outside of your copy writing business.

I sincerely believe I have been able to show you how copy writing is a business idea that works from home.

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