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How to Make Money from Blogging

How to Make Money from Blogging

Oct 30, 2012

Discover how to make money from blogging because, it is very useful of late to have an online presence for whatever commercial activity you are involved. The single biggest forum to connect with different types of people is the internet. It is important to know how to make money from blogging about your talent if you want to expose your enterprise and earn some extra money at the same time.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a kind of activity record book kept on the web. Issues of interest to you can be posted on the internet daily with a blog. There are a few people who create blogs to maintain contact with their family members because they don’t know how to make money from blogging like you and I. They upload videos, pictures and other information, so that their family members will know what is going on with them.

Let’s use this medium to talk on how to make money from blogging. This type of blog is mainly created to attract traffic to whatever you have to sell. For others to be interested in your blog, it needs to:

* Be updated consistently with fresh content for your visitors.

* Be advertized properly to draw traffic.

* Indexed by the search engine for organic traffic.

How to Start

For how to make money from blogging as a newbie, you may use a free blogging platform. You can create free blogs at:,, and others who offer free blogs to the public. Your choice of site will affect the themes and plug-ins (added features) available for your use. Your blog will be published in no time as most of the sites will guide you step by step through the process. However, it has become more professional to create your blog with your own domain name and hosting because customer behavior has changed over the years.

You have to make up your mind on the niche, or theme of your blog before you start posting. A free for all type of blog cannot be as successful as one targeted towards one particular niche. Its better you pick something you like as your niche, say, “gardening”. Upload content on how to have a healthy garden at home, how to source good seedlings for your garden, how to keep a profitable garden etc. Immediately you have made up your mind on a niche, it is time to start generating unique content.

How to Make Money

It is required that you have people visit your blog for you to make money. It is now time to promote your blog. You have to spread the word about your blog all over the internet to have people visit it. Let your friends and family members be the first to know by telling them of your online presence.

Keep any money making activity for later but build your audience loyalty first with interesting content. Profit making additions like those below can now come to play on your blog.

*Affiliate Marketing

*EBook Marketing

*Google Adsense

*Selling Advertisement

Pursue Google Adsense quickly being the simplest of the lot. Targeted advertisements will become a source of revenue on your blog. When people click on the Ads, you get paid.

Options are available in which case you make money from blogging all of the time sales are made on the website. When you join an affiliate program, you benefit from this option. But select only affiliate programs that are in the same niche as your blog.

Sell EBooks (short downloadable electronic books) which you can create by yourself on your blog. When they are on different subjects and contain unique and quality content that creates value for the buyer, they will sell.

One can use blogs to create revenue. Make money from blogging by starting from your chosen niche and advertise your blog for traffic. These ideas can be utilized to make money from blogging.

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